Ball Catcher



Ball Catcher is an arcade side-scroller game. In Ball Catcher, the player moves left or right to catch

balls. The game has three levels and in each level, you need to win all the four challenges to unlock

the next level.


Game features
• Beautiful design and graphics
• A simple system of control
• Interesting game randomization
• Exciting game level challenges
• High score report
• Exciting gameplay


Tips on winning the game

• During play, just watch out for the ball as they are falling from the sky
• Try as much as you can to catch them
• Avoid bad ball as they will reduce your score
• When playing, try to catch some of the balloons to get a bonus point
• At the end of every level, check your goal point as that will help you to know the number of points needed to reach the next level.
• Time is very critical in this game. As you advance, the difficulty increases.
Meaning more goal points to get to the next level


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